October Newsletter and Events

October Newsletter and Events

Dear Rotarian,

What a beautiful Fall weekend we have been given! I hope you managed to go out and appreciate the beauty that is before us. Honestly, I dread the coming days because I’m not one for cold weather, but I have taken to appreciate the changes of the seasons as it reminds me that there is a rebirth and everything needs a season. I stand in awe at what nature gives us, on time, every time. (and if I could cue up a sound track for you we’d play The Byrds–Turn! Turn! Turn! ). If you haven’t stopped to appreciate the fallen leaves, the colors that touch the sky, and cool autumn nights– make a promise to experience the rebirth and find the rebirth within you.

A few weeks ago I’d asked for folks to give some feedback on a survey. THANK YOU for participating. While we didn’t get full participation, we learned enough to give the Board some direction on what to do in these very strange times. We are working on finalzing some meeting details–for now– we’re still Zooming and when that changes, Dyane will give you all the details. Even as we attempt a few in person things, keep in mind that we will never put folks in situations they are uncomfortable in–so if Zoom is good for you just keep clicking that link. If you feel you are ready for an in person (and when they happen), then join us. You do what makes the most sense for you, we’ll be here either way. We miss you, but we need a healthy you too for when this is over.

..and now, get ready for a few activities if you are up for them.

Early voting begins Wednesday, October 21 and ends October 31. You can request an absentee ballot by October 28, but you should start making your plan for voting now. On a side note–IF YOU NEED A RIDE TO THE POLLS ON NOVEMBER 3– PLEASE CALL ME. I AM HAPPY TO GET YOU TO YOUR POLLING PLACE. Visit this link VOTE WV for your info. Your candidate is not my concern, but making sure you VOTE–IS. (if anyone else is willing to volunteer to drive our Rotarians to vote, email me). If you click the VOTE WV link, you can track your ballot if you’ve mailed it in already.

First Rotary event — Saturday, October 24 Putt Putt for Polio at Black Knight Country Club Noon to 3. (see the flyer attached for all the details or sneak over to Facebook or our webpage and get the info there). If you have questions, email Ann Worley for details or how you can help. Cost is $10 per person and the proceeds will go to the Rotary Polio Awareness Fund.

Sunday, October 25– New River Riders will have another ride starting at 4pm at the Beckley Volunteer Center at the end of Prince Street. Come out for fellowship, grab a bike and ride, or lace up your shoes and walk— donations for nonperishable food items will be accepted for the Raleigh County Prevention Coalition. Connect with Kristi Dumas for more information or visit their New River Riders on Facebook. Bikes are available if you need one!

Wednesday, October 28– Rotary Halloween MASK-A-RADE. Beckley Moose Club 6p-8p. $10 entry. Cash bar. See the flyer for the details or head over to Facebook or our Webpage. Donations of nonpershables and toiletries will be accepted for the Glen Daniel Blessing Box. A few contests are planned too… hey, if we have to mask up, let’s make it fun. I’ll be there dressed as my Jekyl /Hyde—my favorite Disney Villian… Any guesses who? or what?

Thursday, October 29– The Rotary Club will particiapte in Burning Rock’s Trunk or Treat event. We are looking for volunteers to DRESS UP and hand out candy–(folks will be driving through the park) and they will need volunteers to direct traffic. Interested? GREAT! Connect with Dyane this week!

Folks, that’s about all I’ve got for you. We’ll start sharing a newsletter after each board meeting to share what’s going on and other plans. If there is anything you’d like to see in this newsletter (it will come out the 2nd weekend of each month–board meetings are the 2nd Tuesday of each month).. let me know.

We miss you all so much. We pray you are healthy and safe. Remember, if you need something–reach out–please don’t suffer or do without. Pete Mullins– I miss your hugs and some day we’ll be back to giving hugs, handshakes and sharing a meal without fear.

Until then– we will hold each other up in prayer and offer thanksgiving for the friendships we have. Take care of yourself-we need you!

Yours in Rotary Service,

April Elkins Badtke