Virtual District Conference! Apr 29 – May 1

Virtual District Conference! Apr 29 – May 1

Thursday April 29-Saturday May 1–Virtual District Conference! 

There is no excuse to not join the Inaugural district 7545 Rotary Clubs conference. You can register here: 2021 District Conference – District 7545 (
Join in a huge raffle and learn more about how to better engage and promote Rotary within our district. Who will we see there?

Finally, the Appalachian Conservation Corps and Stewards Individual Placement Program (yes, that’s me) is excited to offer their first Beckey Youth Conservation Corps program this summer. (Beckley YCC). This program will engage youth ages 16 to 18 for employment opportunities and exposure to conservation service. The project is partnering with the City of Beckley Parks and Rec department to perform a cadre of work along the city of Beckley. The organization is seeking sponsors to make sure the kids have lunches, water and healthy snacks during their service. The Crew will be in Beckley for an eight week duration, hiring eight kids for two four week projects (a total of 16 kids potentially). The kids will earn 8.75 an hour, be exposed to conservation leaders at NPS and the City of Beckley and we will happily engage your businesses if you’d like to talk through financial literacy, workforce development and more. Or, if you want to work with them for a day let me know. Please see the attached soliciation if you are intersted in serving as a sponsor for this exciting new adventure–and if you have kids of that age range send them my way!

In closing, the board met last Thursday and announcments will come soon. In the meantime, did you know that our Club will be celebrating it’s 100th March 2022? I can promise you that my mind is going crazy wtih some ideas and plans. I’ve already started my list…I’ll be looking for volunteers to help pull off a 100 plans for 100 years. Send me your name.

And as you surf around the world wide web my sources tell me that you have not looked at our website in a while. (We for real had 0 visits on our website last month) so take this time and look at the HISTORY and maybe review the operations manual, the bylaws, learn about the committees we have and if you are interested in joining a committe, then connect with Rick Macak as he is building he committees for 2021-2022. I’m going to make this easy for you too– just click this link and you can play around the website all day long!
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