What Is Rotary?

Rotary’s main objective is service — in the community, in the workplace, and around the globe.

What Is Rotary?

Rotary Club is an association of business and professional men and women of a community selected for their value to society with regard to the realization of the ideal of service.

Its membership is formed from one person from each of the many classifications of business and professional attainments with the purpose of presenting a cross section of leadership in a given community.  Acceptance of membership indicates a desire to score high on The Four Way Test, live by Rotarian Code of Conduct, and promote ideals of service in a community exemplified by The Object of Rotary.

Why Join?


Rotary International was formed with the ideals of service in the community in mind. Among the benefits of rotary are:

Making the acquaintance of persons one ought to know

Develop long lasting friendships.

Participation in genuine, wholesome, good fellowship.

Sharing with each other problems and opportunities of one’s work.

Ready to Join?

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